For those who have been in the infertility quagmire: what was your best tactic for dealing with jealousy? I've been trying to get pregnant for 15 months. Had one miscarriage. Just had two more back to back unsuccessful cycles since the miscarriage. Luckily, none of my really close friends had been trying to get pregnant (or was pregnant at all) during all this time. That has changed. Currently, my sister is on her fourth month trying, and two of my extremely close friends started trying around the holidays. The odds are not in my favor. Every time my sister calls I'm sure it's to tell me she's pregnant. I think about the other two constantly, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. We're all extremely tight, for our three other friends who do have kids, we planned elaborate baby showers. The thought of having to do this while going through my own failures to get pregnant is like an all consuming nightmare. I cry about it all the time, and none of them are even pregnant yet. How do I deal with this? How do I stop obsessing? Just...ughghg.